Welcome to the Big Cats In Britain Wildlife Trigger Camera Blog

Welcome to the Big Cats In Britain Wildlife Trigger Camera Blog

The Big Cats in Britain organisation, (BCIB), predominately searches for evidence of native and non native feline species living in the British Countryside. Part of our research includes the use of wildlife trigger cameras, also known as stealth cams or trail cams . These operate using infra-red technology to take pictures of any animal that passes the camera.

Our members have dozens of these cameras in various locations around the British Isles, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This blog is dedicated to showing the general public, the animals we have captured on camera. These images are small snapshots of the diversity of animal life that can be found in our countryside.

We hope you enjoy them.......................

All images are copyright of the BCIB, if you wish to use any of these images online or in the media, please contact us first to obtain permission.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Cat, fox – what is the animal in the shadows (originally posted January 27th 2010)

Images of what are believed to be a mystery cat have been taken on a trail camera in an undisclosed Buckinghamshire location.

The animal is first seen on the edge of the camera flash, then in the next two shots slinking away out of sight.

The cameras have been in the secret location for two months before the images were taken.

Unfortunately the animal is in the shadows in the periphery of the camera flash making a positive identification impossible.

But what we can see is a large spotted feline animal. On the first image the face is visible, on the second two shots it can be seen slinking away to the right after its initial surprise with the flash.

A rough size estimate can be gauged from a sample shot showing the cameras owner near the tree where the animal is seen slinking away.

The animal is estimated to be about two feet in length with a 12 – 18 inch tail. Not big enough to be a leopard but certainly puts it into the leopard cat/ Bengal / ocelot type range.

The cameras are being reset with new attractants and marker poles in the hope of catching a more clear shot of the cat in question.

Or is it a fox?

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